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Issue 3, for the legalization of marijuana for both recreational and medicinal use, was the most controversial issues in decades.  How did Beavercreek vote?


Let me say right off the bat, that this is not a judgement one way or the other on the legalization issue.  We're just having some fun with the 1,548 pages of the Unofficial Precinct by Precinct Report as provided by Greene County.  Opinions varied widely on the issue, with extensive crossover voting taking place as well.

Issue3weedFor example:

  • Supporters of medicinal marijuana voted no due to the recreational legalization
  • Supporters of both medicinal and recreational usage voted no due to the monopoly aspect
  • Supporters voting no due to requirements and restrictions on home-grown marijuana

It's safe to say this won't be the last attempt at legalization in Ohio, the Responsible Ohio campaign has essentially confirmed it.  So if you've had your fill of Nick Lachey's dimples and Oscar Robertson's cue card reading, you're likely out of luck.

Statewide the tally was 1,094,289 voting yes on Issue 3 with 1,958,802 against - a 35.84% yes vote.  Greene County hedged against it with 31,443 voting no and 16,022 voting yes - 33.76%

Here are precinct maps of the city and township for your reference.

Beavercreek's top 10 precincts voting for Issue 3 were as follows:

    1. City Precinct 1- 43.90% voted yes
    2. City Precinct 8 - 40.40% voted yes
    3. City Precinct 38 - 40.31% voted yes
    4. City Precinct 21 - 37.74% voted yes
    5. City Precinct 10 - 36.22% voted yes
    6. City Precinct 11 - 35.67% voted yes
    7. City Precinct 9 - 34.66% voted yes
    8. City Precinct 39 - 34.62% voted yes
    9. City Precinct 20 - 33.05% voted yes
    10. City Precinct 29 - 32.05% voted yes

The five precincts in Beavercreek Township didn't crack the top 10...

    1. Twp Precinct 92 - 24.40% voted yes
    2. Twp Precinct 94 - 23.93% voted yes
    3. Twp Precinct 91 - 23.86% voted yes
    4. Twp Precinct 93 - 23.40% voted yes
    5. Twp Precinct 90 - 21.24% voted yes

 City Precinct 24 was the lowest precinct at 19.33%.

Issue3shirtIn looking at the top 10 precincts that voted for Issue 3, it's interesting to note that precincts 1, 21, 11, 39 above are home to large apartment/condominium complexes.  The northwest portion of central Beavercreek (precincts 8, 9, 10 and 38) all made the top 10 as well.

We're literally only looking at the difference of a couple people... in Precinct 24, two out of ten voters agreed to legalization as compared to Precinct 1 where four of ten did.  Since we're referencing an illegal substance, only the staunchest of supporters adorned their lawn with a 'Yes on 3' sign.  

No, you don't need to roll up your windows as you drive through these neighborhoods - there's no risk of a contact high.  Remember, there were many talking points presented that were attractive to non-users as well: job creation, tax revenues, medical usages, relief on police departments as well as decriminalization benefits on our jails and prisons.

Whether you believe the PRO or CON arguement of Colorado's marijuana experience, you need to keep yourself informed as we'll likely see the issue again.  Whether or not the state's kneejerk response of Issue 2 will have a reaching effect on marijuana legalization, or other business creation, is yet to be seen.

Feel free to share your thoughts below, or on our Facebook Page!

DoritosOn the lighter side of the stats, of the 1,147 people who voted yes in the top 10 Beavercreek precincts - only 47 of them participated in early voting... cause well, you know...

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