2016 Street Resurfacing Program

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2016 Road Paving Map 2016 Road Paving Map City of Beavercreek

Nothing beats driving on smooth new asphalt!!  Ok, some things do - but it's still nice...

The city has just released the list of streets to be resurfaced during 2016.  These are separate from the capital improvement projects in the prior article. The streets on this list are almost exclusively within city neighborhoods.

The map is divided and color coded into a Base Program and an Alternate Program.  


  • The Base Program contains 9.17 miles that are currently scheduled and budgeted to be performed in 2016.
  • The Alternate Program contains 15.40 miles that have been designated as a need, but are dependent upon the availability of funding.

Frequently, Alternate Program streets that aren't performed due to funding shortages are rolled over into the follow year's Base Program.

If you'd prefer a little more detail, or can't decipher the map, here are written descriptions including the starting and ending points, as well as the length of each project:

PavementMillingHow will you know when you'll be affected by the re-paving?  The easiest way to know are the Beavercreek Police Department 'Posted' signs that will line the affected areas.

These projects typically last a few days to a week in most areas.  The first part of the process is the pavement milling machine followed by crews installing and rolling the new asphalt cap.

Lend the crews a hand and avoid the work areas when possible!  These are our tax dollars at work, so crew efficiency = savings = more resurfacing!

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